The Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law (1758)Emmerich de Vattel Of the Alienation of the Public Property, or the Domain, and That of a Part of the State§ 257. The nation may alienate its public property.§ 258. Duties of a nation in this respect.§ 259. Duties of the prince.§ 260. He cannot alienate the public property.§ 261. The nation may give him a right to it.§ 262. Rules on this subject with respect to treaties between nation and nation.§ 263. Alienation of a part of the state.§ 264. Rights of the dismembered party.§265. Whether the prince has power to dismember the state.
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     2.    Quod domania regnorum inalienabilia et semper revocabilia dicuntur, id respectu privatorum intelligitur; nam contra alias gentes divino privilegio opus foret. Leibnitz, Praefat. ad Cou. Jur. Gent. Diplomat.
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